Here's The Best Bar In Texas For Watching Football

Photo: Getty Images

Watching a football game is much more enjoyable when you're surrounded by other fans who love sharing an unforgettable experience. Some bars foster the perfect environment for a game day gathering.

24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of each state's best bar to watch football. The website states, "What makes a great sports bar? Lots of high-definition TVs to begin with, with good lines of sight from anywhere in the place and an excellent sound system."

According to the website, the best bar for watching football in Texas is Mister Tramps Sports Pub in Austin. The website explains:

"'TVs everywhere you look … perfect for multiple game watching,' writes one Yelp reviewer, while another says, 'My only regret is not taking advantage of this bar earlier in the football season.' A group of hardcore Cowboys fans meets here regularly, and it goes without saying that the Longhorns are a house favorite."

A full list of each state's best bar for watching football can be found on 24/7 Wall St's website.

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