Here Are 5 Weird Texas Town Names You Probably Can't Pronounce

Photo: Getty Images

Texas is the home of many towns with unique names.

Seemingly everyone knows the names of popular cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. There are definitely some smaller places, however, that have names that are a bit unbelievable, according to KXAN.

Here are five Texas town names you probably can't pronounce correctly:


While this town name looks like it would be pronounced "born", locals actually say "BURN-ee."


Though it looks lie "Bur-nett," it's actually pronounced "BURN-it."

Del Valle

It is pronounced "del VALL-ee."


This one looks pretty straight-forward, but people get confused on how to pronounce the "g." It's pronounced "EL-ghin," not "gin," like the drink.


This one looks looks like "LEAK-ee." It's actually pronounced "LAY-key."

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