Here Are The Best Snacks And Drinks From Texas Grocery Stores

Photo: Getty Images

Are you a salty or sweet snacker? Chances are, you can think of at least one salty snack that always satisfies those cravings.

Thrillist compiled a list of the best snacks from Texas grocery stores, and the list contains everything from jerky and barbecue sandwiches to sweet tea and peach cobbler.

Here are the best snacks from Texas grocery stores, according to James Wong with Thrillist:

  • Central Market's Smoked Venison Jerky
  • Whole Foods' Cowboy Caviar
  • Rudy's Barbecue Sandwiches
  • Whole Pickled Cucumbers
  • H-E-B's brand of Sea Salt Tortilla Chips and Guac
  • Central Market's Pecan Brittle
  • Austin Jam Company Jams and Jellies
  • The Czech Stop Bakery's Kolaches
  • Sweet Tea
  • Peach Cobbler

See what makes these snacks so special on Thrillist's website.

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