See Why Mosquitoes Are Invading Southeast Texas Right Now

Photo: Getty Images

If you've walked outside at all in Southeast Texas, you've probably noticed mosquitoes swarming all around you. KFDM reported that recent weather patterns are to blame for the pesky insects invading the area.

Recent rainfall has caused an abundance of puddles and high grass. Those factors mixed with heat and humidity have cooked up the perfect conditions for a mosquito breeding ground.

According to Jefferson County's mosquito control director, the city of Nederland was on the schedule to be sprayed for the insects. The recent mosquito invasion is impacting the entire county.

The unusual weather patterns this December are causing more and more mosquitoes in the area, making it much harder to fight them off.

Crews tried to spray Sabine Pass this past weekend, but the fog caused issues in the process.

Residents are able to call and request spraying. If you're interested, call (409) 719-5940. The website states that you may have to call several times to get through. You can also make a spraying request online by visiting the Jefferson County Mosquito Control website.

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