This Is The Best Kind Of Sandwich In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

What's your favorite kind of sandwich? There's endless amounts of sandwich combinations and tons of different sandwich styles, like hoagies, paninis, subs, and even burgers.

Reader's Digest teamed up with Taste of Home to compile a list of the best sandwiches in each state. The website states, "There’s a sandwich out there for everyone: panini, sub, grilled cheese, BLT—you name it! As a crowd favorite, this lunch staple has been perfected to an art form."

According to the list, Texas' best sandwich is a beef brisket sandwich. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! The website explains:

"Juicy, slow-smoked brisket—often cured with coffee and served with pickles, cheese, or jalapeños—satisfies even Lone Star-sized appetites."

Other popular sandwiches that made the list from other states include hot chicken sandwiches, pastrami burgers, country ham biscuits, pepperoni rolls, beer brats, and pork rolls.

Check out the full list of the best sandwiches in each state on the Reader's Digest website.

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