This Map Shows Just How Bad Texas' Drought Has Gotten

Photo: Getty Images

Parts of Texas have had what seems to be constant cloud cover over the last couple of weeks. But has the recent rain been enough to bring some counties across the state out of extreme drought? In short... the answer is no.

KENS 5 reported that most of Texas has been able to recover from extreme or exceptional drought conditions. Some of those counties just pulled out of those categories as recently as mid-August.

Flourish created an interactive sliding map that shows just how the state has progressed with drought conditions over the last couple of months. The left side of the map shows drought conditions on August 16th. When swiped, the right map shows the state's drought conditions on November 29th.

Check out the interactive map below:

According to KENS 5, the rain over the last couple of weeks has only yielded incremental improvement to the south-central Texas drought situation.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the area stretching from San Antonio eastward/northeastward needs to get around nine to 12 inches of rain to emerge from its current drought conditions.

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