Houston Has Been Named One Of The Riskiest Cities For Homeowners In America

Downtown Houston, Texas Skyline

Photo: Getty Images

Choosing a place to finally settle in as a homeowner is no light decision.

Houston, Texas, tops the list as the riskiest city for homeowners in the United States, according to a January report by nonprofit ClaimGuide.org.

The evaluation of 170 populous cities considered factors like past natural disasters, environmental risks, public safety and home conditions. Houston, the sole Texas city in the top 10, faces recurrent flooding, extreme heat and high property crime rates.

With over 2.3 million residents, Houston's charm and technological innovation are overshadowed by the risk posed by its geographical location. The report reveals that 98% of Houston homes are at risk of extreme heat, 64% face potential flooding in the next 30 years and the city has a significant property crime rate of 4,526 instances per 100,000 residents, with 9.2% of homes vacant.

Houston's challenges extend to a shortage of fire stations, with only four per 100,000 residents, the lowest among the top five riskiest cities.

Other high-risk cities include San Bernardino and Glendale in California, and several in Florida and Louisiana.

A national survey conducted by ClaimGuide indicates that 46% of Americans feel unprepared for weather-related disasters, with 35% contemplating a move to reduce climate-driven disaster risks.

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