Texas's Most Unusual Restaurant Is An Out-Of-The-Ordinary Experience

Washing Machines in Laundromat

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People love restaurants for a myriad of reasons, beyond the simple act of satisfying hunger. Restaurants offer multi-sensory experiences that engage not only taste buds but also sight, smell and ambiance.

Love Food has gathered a list of the strangest restaurant concepts in every state that residents should experience at least one time in their lives:

"Food, ambience, great service... washing machines? The latter might not be what people typically look for, or expect, when deciding where to eat, but a meal at a laundromat-themed eatery is just one of the many unusual dining experiences you can have in the USA. If you're after a joint that offers a sideshow with your supper or some quirky decor with your dessert, we've scoped out the places that should be on your radar – from a restaurant where diners can watch mermaids swim to spots inside old train carriages."

Harvey Washbangers in College Station is Texas's most unusual eatery:

"Short on time? Why not go out to eat and get your laundry done at the same time? At Harvey Washbangers in Texas, you can do exactly that, because it's a diner and a laundromat in one. Simply put on your load, then order and enjoy your meal. When you're finished, your laundry should be, too. You can even monitor how your wash cycle is doing without having to get up from the table – just check the light board in the diner.

A runner-up is The Magic Time Machine in Dallas and San Antonio:

"With special carousel and school bus–themed dining areas, and a fire truck red 'salad car' (a 1952 MG-TD Roadster crowned with a salad buffet), The Magic Time Machine is a whimsical place to grab a bite to eat. Adding to the magic, the waitstaff here dress like all of your favorite fictional characters – from Disney princesses to comic book heroes. There are two locations, in Dallas and San Antonio, and they're not just for kids; with menus filled with hearty, satisfying food, they're eateries everyone can enjoy."

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