Lucky Lottery Winner In Texas Claims $1 Million Prize


Photo: Getty Images

In the Lone Star State, another anonymous overnight millionaire emerged recently, clinching a substantial prize from the Texas Lottery's Powerball game.

A resident in Katy, Texas, joyously claimed exactly $1,000,004.00 after securing the second-tier top prize in a Powerball drawing held on January 29, as detailed in an official news release.

Opting to maintain their anonymity, the fortunate winner purchased the winning ticket from the Cinco Ranch Express store situated at 2950 S Mason Road, Katy, TX 77450. The serendipitous Quick Pick Powerball ticket boasted correctness in all five drawn numbers, narrowly missing the coveted Powerball that would have granted access to the $348 million jackpot. Remarkably, the fortunate Katy resident also snagged an additional four dollars on their ticket.

Just last week, on Valentine's Day, another stroke of luck graced a San Antonio resident who, too, seized a $1 million windfall from a Powerball ticket procured at a Q Food Mart on the Southside.

Meanwhile, the Texas Lottery's Mega Millions drawing game spread its fortune as a Longview resident claimed a $2 million Mega Millions prize on January 29.

Across the state, tales of prosperity unfold, with residents like the one in Tatum, Texas, celebrating $1 million triumphs from scratch-off tickets.

Yet, the grandest victory of the year thus far belongs to an Austin resident who clinched the staggering $34 million jackpot from a Lotto Texas ticket in January. The Lone Star State is undeniably radiating with lottery luck and life-changing moments.

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