All The Reasons To Try The Most Historic Fast Food Joint In Texas

Rustic Black Forest Ham Sandwich

Photo: Getty Images

Some eating establishments have been in communities for years on end, earning them the title of local treasures.

Love Food has paid tribute to these restaurants with a published list of the most historic fast food joint in every U.S. state:

"You don't have to look far to find fantastic fast food in the US, but there's far more to the scene than just the giant chains. Each state has its own regional specialties and independent spots that have been slinging classic American fare for decades. From longstanding burger joints that have stood the test of time to places that have served fries and fried chicken for generations, these are some of the oldest fast food joints in the country."

In Texas, Lankford Grocery in Houston is the most recommended spot. It has been serving mouth-watering American classic dishes for several decades:

"This tiny restaurant and market began life as a food stall in 1938, later growing to become a deli and, eventually, a fully fledged burger restaurant. Despite the name, the food goes far beyond grab-and-go sandwiches. The current menu lets the cooks get creative, with creations like a Frito pie burger and a mac ‘n’ cheese-topped burger, as well as more standard hot dogs and salads."

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