Noel Gallagher Slams Dave Grohl: 'I Wouldn't Talk To Him'

Photo: Getty Images

Dave Grohl is one of many rock stars campaigning for an Oasis reunion, and Noel Gallagher is sick of it.

The former Oasis member recently spoke about seeing Grohl at Glastonbury, and did not have kind words to say about the Foo Fighters frontman.

“I did actually bump into Dave [Grohl]. He was about three feet away from me when I was watching LCD Soundsystem and he was staying in the same hotel I was staying in. I would just like him to wind his f***ing neck in about Oasis. I wouldn’t talk to him. I haven’t got time for that fucking mob any more,” Gallagher recalled in a recent interview. “I haven’t got f*** all to say to him. He’s our kid’s mate anyway.”

The Foo Fighters called for a petition to get Oasis back together during their Reading set in 2019. In response, Gallagher said he wanted to start a petition for the Foos to break up. He also had some pretty crude words to say during another show, declaring, “If the f***ing drummer from Nirvana wants to get Oasis back together, he can come up on-stage and suck my f***ing d*** anytime he likes."

Grohl may have bad blood with Noel but he's a huge fan of his brother Liam Gallagher, and called him "one of the few last remaining rock stars" in 2022. The two also collaborated on a single called "Everything's Electric" that same year.

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